Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan

School Improvement Teams

  • Three School Improvement Teams ( SIT) drive initiatives related to school development (SIP)
  • The School Improvement Teams operate across both schools
  • All teachers belong to a SIT and have leadership responsibilities within that team. ( replaces role as a Curriculum Co-ordinator )
  • School Improvement Teams are led by a TLR / SLT staff member
  • Each team has an aspect that they develop to enable our school aspirations for

Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens

  • SIT 1: Learning development Consistent challenge and high expectations for achievement
  • SIT 2: Curriculum development Curriculum to engage and inspire learners to achieve more
  • SIT 3: Citizenship development Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to school and the community


  • The School Improvement Plan describes the key annual initiatives for continuous development and improvement for each of the three SIP / SIT areas. They are linked to Appraisal, Coaching and other CPD activities
  • There are additional and short term SLT Action Plans and overview Leadership activities


PDFSchool Improvement Plan - PDF 103KB