Key Stage 1 & 2

Key Stage 1 & 2

The Curriculum

  • Chennestone and Beauclerc Schools are committed to providing an imaginative curriculum, highly positive learning experiences and rich opportunities for varied high quality learning; developing the skills for learning through relevant contexts; making cross curricular connections and fostering creativity; allowing time for deeper, practical, sustained learning and enquiry; promoting SMSC development and maintaining the wider curriculum.
  • We use the outdoor and wider environment, extended learning and enrichment opportunities, the ‘Arts’, enterprise, citizenship activities and Rights Respecting and Sustainable understanding to enrich and deepen learning and personal development.
  • The Curriculum is planned for Purposeful Content, Imaginative Delivery and Learning Accomplishment
  • EYFS follow the interests of the children and develop learning spaces, role play areas, through which the children experience and explore learning

We are continuously evaluating and challenging what and how we teach
The curriculum is constantly developing and responding to the needs of our pupils and change
Curriculum development and innovation is led by one of our three School Improvement Teams

What are we learning?

  • How to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens
  • Attitudes and Attributes / Learning Behaviours e.g. resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity, reflectiveness
  • Skills, for example, key skills in reading, writing, communication and mathematics, enquiry and thinking skills and subject based skills; as well as interpersonal skills and skills for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Knowledge and Understanding, for example, concepts and events that shape the world, relevant issues and contexts, Rights Respecting and Global Citizenship, Sustainability and ethical Enterprise
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural understanding


  • Each year group creates an annual Curriculum Map and learning sequences are recorded on ‘Plans for Learning’ and ‘Narrative Diagrams for Learning’
  • EYFS have different planning processes which allow for spontaneity and responding to pupil interests
  • KS2 Year groups plan collaboratively, KS1 share good practice and ideas across both schools


  • Each class has a timetable with fixed sessions such as Mathematics, Phonics and PPA. However the aim is to keep the timetable as flexible and open as possible to allow time for sustained learning
  • The day usually starts with a 20 – 25 minute Guided Reading session
  • In addition KS1 have a daily phonics session organised in ability / phonics phase groups
  • There are English and Mathematics lessons / learning opportunities each day. Mathematics is set in KS2
  • Science is a core subject and is usually taught each week
  • Foundation subjects are taught in blocks and children receive a well-balanced curriculum over the term or year.
  • Chennestone has an ICT suite. Both schools have class based ICT facilities and laptop trollies.
  • It is important that English, Mathematics and ICT skills are applied in the context of other subjects
  • Each class is timetabled for two hours of PE each week. At Chennestone this is mainly taught by an outside provider as part of PPA provision
  • French is taught throughout the school at Chennestone and Beauclerc
  • Teachers Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) is timetabled and provided mainly through PE and Arts sessions with some additional top up-time from teaching assistants. This time is organised so teachers are able to plan collaboratively.

Communication with Parents about Learning

Parents are provided with

  • a termly outline of the curriculum
  • a weekly ‘What we are Learning’ up-date  from each class
  • information via the Twitter feed
  • regular showcasing events
  • workshops to explain aspects of learning
  • curriculum guidance documents and updates in the newsletter
  • displays of learning and portfolios of their child’s learning at termly parent consultation meetings