An Introduction to Learning at Beauclerc and Chennestone

School Ethos, Policy and Practice

Learning is designed to

• involve children in active learning and thinking
• engage and inspire through a rich and relevant curriculum
• foster creativity, curiosity and excitement in learning
• promote collaboration and teamwork
• use ‘whiteboards’ to promote ‘ can-do’ attitudes, confidence and a willingness to experiment
• provide first hand and practical experiences
• create time for sustained, in-depth study and independence
• develop evaluation and reflection skills
• enable varied and creative outcomes with high-quality presentational skills
• incorporate the 4 R’s - Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reciprocity, Reflectiveness
• ensure learning is accessible for all
• create positive home learning experiences that are a valuable use of time
• provide varied opportunities for showcasing and valuing learning
• reflect the ethos and values of a Rights Respecting School

We aspire to create a positive environment for learning where children achieve; feel included and valued; feel happy and secure; where they experience and develop high self-worth and confidence in their own abilities.

Feedback on learning

• Quality feedback takes place during the lesson, supports learning, informs teaching, enables teachers to adapt learning during sessions and communicates information to enable children to improve
• Time for reflection, evaluation, feedback, improvement and application is planned into sessions
• Feedback uses success criteria and focuses on clarifying and extending learning. It encourages children to be reflective
• It is not expected that the varied outcomes or written work will be ‘marked’ by the teacher. It will be more usual for teachers to give oral feedback in the lesson, individually or as a group / class, to directly impact on learning and that children will use ‘Collaborative Improvement’

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