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At Chennestone we teach children about the personal qualities they need to get onto the PROUD Cloud:


Being polite to others, both in school and at home, not only helps us have better relationships with each other it also shows other people how we would like them to treat us.



Showing Respect to other people, their feelings, beliefs, and possessions is a really important quality.  It shows people we care about them.  It is also important to show the same respect to animals, insects and the environment as they all play an essential role in keeping our planet safe and secure for us all to enjoy.  


Open minded

It is really essential that we listen to other people their ideas and thoughts and are willing to try to think about things not just from our own point of view.  It is important to remember that if everyone thought the same way we would all be missing out on lots of new and exciting ideas.



Some people find it hard to accept people who are different from them.  Just imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same!  Every single person on the planet is different.  We are all unique individuals and we all have an absolute right to be our own unique self.  Some people have to be very brave to become their own unique self and it is really important that we recognise their bravery and courage and show acceptance and tolerance by including them in the things we do.  Nobody should ever feel excluded for being different.  Be someone who welcomes others and celebrates the fact that we are all different.



This is a very important skill.  Because we are all different, we have different thoughts and ideas.  We do not always agree about things.  It is really important that we can express our thoughts in a way that does not put others down or make them feel bad.  Sometimes it's worth thinking 'How can I say that nicely?'

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