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Learning to Succeed, Succeeding to Learn


Year 6 learning Autumn 1

Week 3 


To begin with, in our English lessons we started off our topic by writing about a short Pixar animation - 'For the Birds' . We explored many different angles of the video, with a main focus on bullying, seeing how it affects the person being bullied as well as the bully. We enjoyed acting out parts of the animation and adding in our own speech. 


On a different subject, all of our various MPs have now been selected: Class MP, Sports MP, Environmental MP, Art MP and Wellbeing MP. Everybody who tried out for the role wrote outstanding speeches and showed great sportsmanship. 


In History (which is our main Humanities topic for the term), we are learning about the Victorian Era, we have learnt a lot about Queen Victoria and have produced some wonderful writing. This week we have also been reading about the different types of jobs which poor Victorian children had to unfortunately face in those times. 


In maths, we have been working on our topic of Place value - looking at the value of numbers, ordering them and also looking at negative numbers in context. 


Moving onto Art, Hawk class have been learning to shade different textures and Eagles have concentrated on a certain type of abstract art. 


This term, the school have been lucky enough to be introduced to a brand new instrument - the Ukelele - we have already learnt all of the notes and a range of songs which us to remember them. 


In Spanish, we have re-capped all of our numbers 1-20 and we are beginning to learn new language to introduce ourselves. 


Finally, we have an exciting school trip on Monday to Walton Fire station - a trip called Junior Citizen - we will fill you in on all the details next week!


This blog is written by the class Mp's of Hawk and Eagle class:


Isla belle and Sofia.