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Where in the world does our food come from?

Our big Question is Where in the world does our food come from?

As we go on this learning journey we will discover where our food comes from. We will learn the importance of creatures like earthworms and bees and their role in food production. We will learn how to conduct a fair test and make close observational drawings of our school wildlife areas

Week 1

Seahorse Class have had a brilliant first week back. It was wonderful to see all the children and hear about their exciting Easter holidays. 

On Tuesday, we introduced our new big question and we thought carefully about what we would like to find out. 

In English we have started our story Eddie's Garden and how to make thing grow. We are consolidating  grammar we have covered so far in this academic year.

In Maths we have revised counting in 2s and 5s. We have been consolidating our counting before starting multiplication and division next week. In geography, we have learned to match the seasons to the month of the year. We created season wheels to help us achieve this learning objective.

In Spanish, we have started learning about fruit (las frutas). We will be continuing to learn about fruit in Spanish this term.

Finally we got stuck in to our garden area. This term we are going to look at planting some seeds and watch them grow!

Wildlife Garden

Still image for this video

Wildlife Garden

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Week 2

This week we have been preparing our wildlife area so we can plant some flower seeds. We also took this opportunity to try and create sculptures inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. In our reading area this term we have lots of plant based books.

In geography we made fact files about the wildlife area then read them to Butterfly class! On Friday we read a book in pairs and presented what we had learned to the class. 

book review

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Week 3

This week we have continued to dive into our big question.

We finished our story of Eddie's Garden and how to make things grow. We have been continuing to write sentences ensuring we are using adjectives, verbs, conjunctions and plurals using suffixes such as ed, ing and er.

In maths we have continued with our unit on multiplication and division. Seahorses have been looking at arrays. We know that an array is made from columns and rows!

In geography and art we are continuing to go out into our wildlife area. We have been exploring our wildlife area in more detail and we even recreated our art work which was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We looked at our own art from last week and discussed how we could improve it. 

In History, we looked at  Jethro Tull and learned about who he was and why he is such an important figure in the agricultural revolution. We created a timeline with the main events of his life. 


Please remember we have our school trip to Godstone Farm on Friday 13th May. We are really looking forward to it!

Art- learning to evaluate and then improve my work


Planting some seeds in our wildlife area

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Week 4


Wow what a fantastic week we had exploring our big question!

In maths we have just started our new unit which is fractions. We have being looking at finding parts of a whole. We know that two parts make up one whole of a shape or an object.

In English, we started our new text which is 'It started with a seed' by Laura Knowles. We started with predicting what we thought the text would be about, we discussed what age group would read the book and what characters might be in the book.

In history, we continued to learn about Jethro Tull. We looked at the importance of the seed drill and how it influenced farming.

In DT we have revisited healthy eating and the different food groups. We created a healthy lunchbox with each of the food groups.

We went to Godstone Farm on Friday and this was super fun! Farmer Jess talked to us about Farmer Mike and his vegetables and how he looks after his garden and grows a variety of different fruit and vegetables. We then got the opportunity to plant seeds at the farm and we got to bring these home. We explored the grounds of Godstone farm while feeding the ducks and the pigs. We also got to see some piglets race at the farm. Before we headed back to the coach, we explored the dinosaur trail and this was very cool!

We had a great day at the farm, take a look at some of the pictures below

I am learning about the seed drill.

Making equal groups activity

We are learning to understand the basic structure of a flower and the functions of the main parts.

Parts of a flower

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Our trip best bits

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Seahorses reflect on their favourite part of the day

Pig Hogstacle course!

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Week 5

Bee Waggle Dance

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Students were told about how bees communicate and then wrote down facts in pairs about what they could remember.

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