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Autumn 1

Week 7


So we have reached the end of Autumn one, but we haven't slowed down our learning this week!


For Maths, we have been securing our knowledge of addition using the column method with multiple exchanges and started to look at subtraction with exchanges too. 


In English, we have been consolidating our knowledge about information texts and putting this into practice by creating our brochures about Rome.


In Art, we finished our learning journey with some watercolours of The Colloseum, which look stunning!


For Geography, we discussed the difference between climate and weather and then compared climates in Northern and Southern Italy with the UK.


We have a lovely Harvest Festival thanks for Mrs. Jones, where we presented some food for the local food bank and sung our hearts out the songs we had practiced.


We hope you have a relaxing half term and look forward to seeing you all after the break.


Mr. Jones and Miss. Cronin

Week 6


It's been a fun penultimate week in Year Four.


We've made some amazing autumnal pumpkin stain glassed windows. (You can see them from our windows!)


We also had our first trip out from school where we undertook a field study of our local area, Sunbury, to compare with our destination city, Rome. 


In science we created some food chains, where we looked at Producers, Consumers and Apex Predators.


We started our new topic in Math's: Addition and Subtraction 


 You can find some information here on how you can support your child at home, if needs be: https://whiteroseeducation.com/parent-pupil-resources/maths/home-learning?year=year-4-new&term=autumn


We also came to the end of our English learning Journey about Informational Texts to help with our final project: A Brochure about Rome.


Maths home learning | Home learning | White Rose Maths

View all of our maths ‘home learning’ lessons and videos for early years through to Year 11. View our Maths resources from White Rose Maths.



Thank you for your on going support,


The Year Four Team

Week 5


This week in year 4, the Pandas and Koalas have been securing their knowledge of rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000.

Next week we will be looking at Multiplication.


In English, we have been looking at information texts about France and other European countries to help us write our own version all about Italy.


In Science, we had a interesting journey through the digestive system - Ask your children and I'm sure they'll love to explain what we made!


Many thanks for your continued support,


The Year 4 Team

Week 4


Dear All,


This week we had a very special visit from the Dogs Trust, where we all learnt how to be safe around Dogs, how to approach them and what makes a dog happy and comfortable. 


We found this very interesting, fun and very important considering all the recent news around dogs.


We also had another ukulele lesson with Ms. Vider where we learnt about tempo, beats and rhythm. 


Our artistic flair came out once more as we tried to recreate Paul Cézanne's modern take on still life painting. We made sure our colours had varying shades and tints while painting

a still life mug.


In maths, we continued our learning about Roman Numerals, which will help us with our Roman history topic later in the year.


Next week in English, we start a new learning journey about information texts. If you have the time,  please show any leaflets or nonfiction texts to your children so that they can help in our discussion about them on Monday.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,


The year four team.

Week 3 


This week in year 4 we've had another busy week.


In Maths with finished our first topic, Place Value. We have been looking at ordering five-digit numbers as well as comparing, ensuring we have the correct value in the correct column.


In English, we wrote our Guided Write about The Raven of Rome and then used our new narrative skills to produce our own.


In Science, we learnt how quickly our teeth can become unclean, using disclosure tablets and why it is so important to look after them!


As it was the first time we had PE twice this year, we managed to play a game of Dodgeball to work on our teambuilding skills and with Premier we worked on our tennis skills.


Lastly in Geography, we looked at how to read a map using scales and then created our own scale using a satellite map of our school.


The Year 4 Team 

Week 2 


We've had a very busy, action packed first full week in Year Four.


In Maths, we solidified our understanding of place value and partitioning all the way up to five-digits.


In English we continued our learning journey about narratives for description with our model text The Dragon of Krakov. Today we started our own version, full of fronted adverbials, exciting language and expanded noun phrases, called The Raven of Rome.


For Science, we started learning about our teeth, identified the different types and their purposes as well as the differences between carnivores and herbivores.


We had a resource filled, interactive recap lesson in Geography where we took out the atlantes and maps to remind ourselves of how to find places, where Europe and the UK is and how we can find the longitude and latitude of various locations. This was an enjoyable starter lesson that will help us to learn about the geography of Italy.


Finally, in reading we have been looking at various texts about Spain.

This weekend we ask that you talk to your children about dental hygiene to get us prepared for science next week.


Kind regards,


The year 4 team.

Week 1: 

Welcome back everyone we hope you had a wonderful break!

All children have settled in so well and were all very enthusiastic towards their learning. 


This week in Maths we have been looking at place value up to a 4-digit number. Children have also learned how to represent numbers to 1,000 using base ten and counters. 


In English we started our new topic of writing a narrative. Our text focus for this half term is 'The Legend of the Wawel Dragon'. Children used their box of tricks to help them understand the key features of a narrative. They also identified new vocabulary and used dictionaries to find the meaning of the words they are unfamiliar with. Children created drawings and used drama to recreate the story in order to help them familiarise.


In Art we focused on still life drawings. The children went outside and used shading techniques to draw trees and plants. The children really focused and have created some wonderful art work. 


We hope you have a great weekend, 


The Year 4 Team


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