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Our learning

Summer 1: Week 3


What a week this has been! The children have handled the 'pressure' of the SATs very well. We are all so proud of how hard they worked and the amount of effort they put in. 


We hope you have a well deserved restful break.


Thank you.


Year 6 team. 

Autumn 1 learning

Homework for this week is attached. You will be given lined paper and squared paper to complete the homework on if you wish. Homework is due in on Tuesday 20th September.

Spring 2: Week 1


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to the second term of spring. We hope you all had a lovely, restful break.


The children, as always, have started the week really well and have hit the ground running. Well done to each and every one of you.


In Maths, we have been learning about decimals. This includes adding, subtraction and ordering. The children have used their previous knowledge to help them.


In Writing, we have started a new book called Rose Blanche. The children have been learning more about WW2 through this book and have applied this in their writing. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Thank you.


Year 6 Team. 

Week 4 


The children have settled in very quickly and have gotten into the swing of things very quickly. In Maths, the children are learning rounding and have been rounding to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. They have all been working very hard!


In English, we have begun reading Hansel and Gretel and our unit will be focusing on it. The children have enjoyed the book and have enjoyed the role-play and experience lessons that have come with it.


In Reading, the children have continued to study a variety of different texts and answer the questions provided.


The children should be proud of themselves! They have all worked so hard and this work ethic, will not doubt, stand them in good stead for secondary school!


Week 6:




The last couple of weeks have been very busy with assemblies. We have been learning about how education has developed and changed over time. The children showcased their knowledge and acting ability on stage. 


Thank you to all the parents/carers for your ongoing support.




The children have begun working on the four key operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). It is important for the children to be familiar with their TimesTables to 12.




We are reaching towards the end of our Hansel and Gretel unit. The children have enjoyed learning about this book and are producing some descriptive pieces of writing.




In all, the children are continuing to work well and we, as teaching staff, could not be more prouder!


Thank you.








Autumn 2: Week 1:


It was a very interesting first week back. The children settled in very well and were ready to proceed with learning. 


It was very nice to hear about how they all spent their holiday.



We started division (short and long) and although the children did find some aspects challenging they all worked really hard! It is imperative that children continue to work on timetables.



We are now focusing on "The Lost Thing" for the next few weeks. The children have fully engaged with the lessons and are working really hard!


It was really nice to welcome all the children back and now we look to work as hard up until the Christmas break.


Thank you.


Autumn 2 - Week 1



In Maths this week we have started our topic on fractions. We have been using factors to calculate and simplify fractions and have also been working on our arithmetic skills. Next week we will be ordering fractions on a number line using either the denominator or the numerator. 




In English this week we have been continuing our focus on the short video 'The Lost thing'. We have incorporated our lesson notes into some wonderful descriptive writing. We are now continuing to use this video to develop our writing further, moving onto the next exciting part of the clip. 


History / Geography: 


To start off our topic about Explorers, focusing on Shackleton, we have researched all about Antarctica and produced some amazing double page spreads. We have learnt a lot of information about climate, vegetation and the animals that live there - especially the fact that polar bears and penguins live nowhere near each other! We have also, for our topic on Oceans, identified and located the major seas and oceans of the world. 




In Re we have started our topic about Christianity, we have made some beautifully decorated crosses and we also looked at three celebrities and how religion impacted on and influenced their lives. 

Autumn 2: Week 4


What a last week we have had! The children have been engaging so well in their learning and this will, no doubt, put them in good stead moving forward. 



The children have begun learning about fractions. This includes simplifying, ordering and comparting. It is paramount that the children continue to familiarise themselves with their timestables. This can be done through different avenues such as: TTRS, bitesize and other online platforms. 



We are near the end of completing our unit - The Lost Thing. The children have engaged so well with this video clip and are in the progress of completing their final published pieces. I have no doubt they will be interesting to read.



The children have put their research skills to the test and have been conducting research on the different oceans. The children have been innovative with the way they have done it.


As always, we thank you for your continuous support and if we can be of any assistance please let us know.


Thank you.


Year 6 Team. 

Spring 1


Week 1:


Dear Parents and Children,


We hope you all had a lovely restful break. The children settled in ever so well and began the term very impressively! Our big question this term is: "How has war shaped our World?" This term we will be covering WW1 and WW2.


In Writing, we are studying a book called 'The Journey.' The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about it and have begun unpicking the underlying meaning behind the text. 


In Reading, we have started to read and answer question on War Horse. The children have enjoyed reading the first chapter and discovering the narrator of the story!


In Art, we have created a photomontage which the children enjoyed making. It is nice to see just how creative and artistic they all are.


A massive well done to all the children for working so hard and settling back in really quickly!


We hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Thank you.


Year 6 Team

Week 2:


Dear Parents and Carers,


What a week this has been! All children have been working ever so well and have gotten into the swing of things very quickly - which is a testament to how hard they have been working!


In Writing:

We have continued to read and recreate our own version of the Journey. The children have enjoyed reading and studying the book as they immerse themselves in the underlying meaning behind the text.


In History:

We are learning about the First World War and the roles that animals and children played. The children were surprised to learn about the key roles of different individuals.


In Science:

We conducted a light experiment which the children enjoyed. We made predictions and then compared them to the actual result. 


As always we thank you all for your continuous support. We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Thank you.


Kind regards,


Year 6 team


Week 3:


Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope you all had a lovely week.


It has been nice to see the children working ever so hard in all aspects of their learning. In Writing, the children have planned and drafted our their own version of 'The Journey.' In Maths, we have been working on algebra and again, the children have understood the concept and have worked hard on answering the questions.


In History - the children have compared the lives of children in WW1 to their own! They were astonished to discover how different both lives were. 


Just a reminder to you all that unfortunately Chennestone will be closed on Wednesday 1st February 2023. 


Thank you.


Kind regards,


Year 6 team. 

Week 4:

Dear Parents/Carers


The children had a good working week despite the school closing on Wednesday. We were impressed by the sheer dedication and commitment all children showed whilst working at home. Well done!


In Maths, we have continued the topic of algebra. This included solving 1 and 2 step problems and solving problems with two unknowns. The children worked ever so hard to grasp the concept.


In Writing, we have now completed The Journey and have now begun writing a newspaper report about the role of animals during the first world war. Children had the opportunity to conduct research for a chosen animal in preparation for their planning next week.


In Art, the children demonstrated and observed in order to create art in a photorealistic style.


In all, the children worked really hard - one more week left before half term!


We hope you all have a nice restful break.


Thank you.


Kind regards,


Year 6 Team 


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