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Spring Learning


Week 2.5.22

This week, we have enjoyed writing a dual narrative in English focusing on developing atmosphere by describing micro-expressions, using pathetic fallacy and a variety of sentence starters. It has been fun writing our own thriller and developing our descriptive writing. 

In science, we have started to explore materials and their properties by separating substances and working scientifically to make accurate observations. 

In maths, we have completed our first unit on decimals and percentages. 

Week 25.4.22 

Our first week back at school was an eventful one! On our first day back we enjoyed a brilliant introduction to our Big Question - "Who Were the Maya?" with a visit from Mr Dilly, a knowledgeable historian, who put on a interactive engaging show for the whole of Year 5. It was a funny and exciting start to our new history topic this term. Later on in the week, we also started to read our new class text - Middleworld, which should also help us learn a little bit more about the Maya civilisation. 

Week 18.3.22 - Science Week

This week has been busy! 


On Monday, we took part in a live lesson with RobKids for their Mars Day Special session to celebrate science week  (& Mars Week) . It was really fun placing votes and meeting a dancing robot  - we even got a special shout out! Lots of children worked really hard this week to research and collect information on a scientist. We now have a brilliant collection of posters, models and even PowerPoints!

Please see the video below. 


On Wednesday, we wore Yellow and Blue to show our support for Ukraine. This children spent a lesson discussing what bravery means and sharing times when they have needed to be brave to overcome their fears.




Science Week Home Learning

Still image for this video

Book Week 4.3.22

This week we enjoyed dressing up as a favourite book character and making our own unique bookmarks.

In science, we learnt about friction and how to collect results in an accurate and reliable way. We also discussed anomalies in data and how we could identify them in our own results. 

In our history lesson this week we discussed and compared sources detailing reasons about why The Mary Rose sank and which theory they agreed with most - human error, the weather, the French and being overloaded.  

During our art lesson this week, we looked at famous Tudor portraits and discussed some of the key props and clothing worn during Tudor times.


Some of the items we discussed were: 

Breeches - short trousers

Fathingale - A frame of hoops made from wood to hold out rich ladies' dresses. They became so big that the couldn't fit through the doors.

Ruff - A frill worn around the neck, made of linen or cotton which had been starched.


We completed half a picture to start with then used this as inspiration to draw our own Tudor self portrait. 

Hampton Court Recount 11.2.22

We really enjoyed our history trip to Hampton Court last week. On returning to school, we discussed what we had learnt and our favourite parts of the palace. The children wrote a detailed recount explaining what they had experienced and enjoyed. 

Week 14.1.22

In our history lessons this week we have started to explore where the Tudor period fits in to our world history timeline. 

On Wednesday we went to the hall and a made a 'Potty' timeline using toilet roll to represent the decades, centuries and millenniums. The children sequenced relevant topics covered in other year groups i.e. The Stone Age and Ancient Egypt and compared their duration to that of the Tudors. 


On Friday, we sequenced the key events and discussed the reigns of Kings and Queens during the Tudor period. The children enjoyed creating their own Tudor timelines. 

Week 5.1.22


During our first art lesson of this term, we have learnt how to use watercolours effectively to create backgrounds. We are very proud of our work! 



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