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Week 6 - Autumn 2


This week in maths, children have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 8. The extra practice at home has assisted children in their learning.


In English, we have been innovating our model text with our own ideas and improvements. We have focused on past tense, third person, facts, paragraphs and the 5W's (who, what, where, when, why).


In Science, we learnt about the different layers of soil and that soil is made of rocks and organic matter. We drew a diagram in our books with annotations to showcase our learning.


In History, we learnt about the prehistoric village of Skara Brae. We looked at pictures of the remains and the layout of the homes. Children illustrated a birds eye view of a typical home and talked about what you would find inside.


In Art, we finished off our topic of prehistoric art (Stone Age) by creating our own cave drawings using charcoal and a prehistoric palette. 


On Friday, we were lucky enough to have a fun filled day at our Stone Age workshop. They handled artefacts and carried out a bone investigation. Children were taught skills of archery which replicated how Stone Age people hunted. Children were extremely engaged throughout  and it was lovely to see all your outfits. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

Autumn 2- Week 4


This week in Science we created our own fossils to replicate how a fossil is formed. We then wrote steps out to consolidate the learning. It was enjoyed by all. 


In Maths we have looked at sharing and grouping and identifying which is which. We have recapped multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and have moved on to multiplying by 3. Please practice times tables at home via TTRS or hit the button games. 


We started the week by finishing off our unit on portal stories bu writing up our Hot writes and then publishing them for our class folder. We have started our new unit on newspaper reports by identifying different features of a newspaper report and completing a cold write. 


In Art we have looked at enlarging our drawings from last week using charcoal to represent materials used in the Stone Age. 


This week was road safety week which raised awareness on speed and how important it is to be safe around traffic. We were impressed by children's road sense and precautions that need to be taken when outside. 


As historians we have looked at comparing the different eras of The Stone Age by researching how clothes, animals, housing and food has changed over time. 


It was lovely to see so many children enjoying themselves at the disco on Thursday. 


Have a restful weekend,


Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace.  

Autumn 2- Week 3


This week we have finished our topic on addition and subtraction by completing an end of topic quiz. We will be starting our new topic on multiplication and division. Within the next week you will be receiving TTRS (Times table rock star) login details for your child to access and practise if they wish at home. Just a reminder the end of Year 3 expectation is to know the 3s, 4s and 8s as well as 2s, 5,s and 10s from previous years. 


In English we are continuing work on our portal stories by innovating our model text with our own ideas. We have begun drafting our own portal stories ready for our hot write next week. 


In Science we looked at everyday uses of rocks and created fact files about each rock. 


This week in History we have looked at the change in Britain from the Stone Age to today. Children were able to identify the ice age being the reason for the disappearance of Doggerland. 


As many of you know, this week was Anti-Bullying week. Children celebrated differences by wearing odd socks on Monday. We joined a live assembly to educate us on the difference between banter and bullying. In Jigsaw we created our own 'Bantometer' to show how it can quickly move from one to another. 


It was lovely to catch up with parents and guardians for parents evening. If you were unable to make it and would like to have a chat please contact the office to arrange an appointment. 


Have a restful weekend


Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace. 

Autumn 2- Week 2 


In Science this week we were rock detectives. We investigated different rock types and examined them to figure out which rock type it is. We looked at appearance and texture to decide this.

In Maths we have continued our learning on the formal written method. Children have looked at exchanging across 10, 100 or both. We have also looked at which two numbers complement each other to make 100.

In English we are continuing our learning on our portal story by learning about similes to help make our writing more descriptive. We have continued to rehearse our text and learnt the structure of a portal story.

This week in Art we have focused on Remembrance Day by creating a quarter part of a poppy and merging them together to create one large poppy. I hope you enjoyed seeing them on display in our class windows. In class we took part in a 2 minute silence to remember those who sacrificed their lives in the war for our freedom today. Children were really respectful and were able to reflect after.

In History we have created a timeline to show the chronological order of events from the Paelolithic era all the way to 2023! We learnt about the concept of BCE and AD and how the numbers are arranged on a timeline.

We wish all those families celebrating Diwali a safe and prosperous weekend.

Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

Autumn 2- Week 1 


Year 3 started their week off with a chocolate rock cycle experiment which showed the children the three main rock types (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous). The children then created their own fact files on the types of rocks.

In Maths, we have introduced the formal written method for addition and subtraction. We have been learning to exchange across 10 and 100. We have used a variety of practical lessons to help consolidate this learning.

In English, we have started working on our portal stories by looking at the text ‘Stone Age Boy’. We have story mapped and learnt retelling the story by looking at the images. Can your child remember the story? We looked at inferring a characters feelings by looking at their facial expressions and body language.

In History, we have started our topic on the Stone Age by asking questions about what we want to find out during our learning this half term. We have been incredibly impressed with the home learning that has been completed over half term.

In Spanish, we have started our new topic on animals. We have learnt the names of a pig, horse, rabbit, lion and a bird.

We ended our week with bonfire night inspired art work (thanks to the many loo rolls provided) and revisiting the story of Guy Fawkes.


We hope you enjoy the fireworks this weekend and remember to stay safe.

Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

Autumn 1 - Week 6


This week in Maths we have looked at adding and subtracting 10s and 100s without exchanging. 


In English, we have continued learning about how to write a non-fiction information text ready to write our hot writes next week. 


In Science, we identified different bones in our bodies and were introduced to how muscles work. 


In Geography, we started drawing our own maps of Sunbury, identifying key information that needs to be shown on the map. 


We have finished our Spanish topic which introduced us to the language and how to say common phrases like 'hello', 'how are you' and 'what is your name'


On Friday, we made acrostic poems to link into Black History Month.


We hope you have a lovely weekend

Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

Autumn 1 - Week 5


This week the children were introduced to Lexia Core 5 which helps them to develop their reading comprehension. They have allocated time in school to complete levels each week. 


In Maths, we have started our new topic of 'addition and subtraction'. Children have learnt adding ones to a given number with no exchange. 


In English, we have been continuing our learning on writing an information text about a country. Children have used conjunctions and command sentences to hook the reader. As well as expanded noun phrases and interesting sentence starters. 


In Science, we learnt about invertebrate and vertebrate animals. Children were asked to categorise animals according to whether they had a skeleton or not. 


In DT, we have completed our topic on seasonal foods by making our own savoury tarts. We were very impressed by the children's knowledge on food hygiene and good kitchen practice. 


In Geography, we learnt about regions and counties. Using compass skills they were able to describe the position of certain counties in relation to others.


Have a great weekend, 

Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

Autumn 1- Week 4


This week it has been assessment week. All children have worked extremely hard in the quizzes. 


On Tuesday and Wednesday, Jo from Dogs Trust visited both classes to inform children about being safe around dogs. The workshop was engaging and Jo was impressed by the behaviour and contribution of ideas. 


In Science this week, we learnt about the importance of having a skeleton. Children then created their own life size skeleton ensuring all the bones were in the correct place. 


In English, we have started our new topic of learning about information texts. We researched a country of our choice and found facts based on our sub-headings. 


In Geography, we identified the 4 seas surrounding the UK as well as identifying rivers on a map of the UK. Children learnt where a river begins and where it ends up. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

Autumn 1 - Week 3


Another jam-packed week in Year 3! We kick-started the week with a 'Dragonball' workshop where children used many skills to compete in mini games.


In English, we have been finishing off our diary entries ready to complete our hot write next week.  

In Maths, we have looked at number lines and used problem solving skills to find out the missing numbers and estimating. We have also compared numbers using greater than and less than. 

In Science, we sorted different food into their food groups and the importance of nutrition.


In Geography, we looked at the human and physical features of the United Kingdom. Children looked at landmarks around the UK and categorised them.


In DT this week, we have designed our savoury tarts using seasonal vegetables. We discussed that different coloured fruit and vegetables have different benefits. 


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

Autumn 1 - Week 2


Another busy week in Year 3! In Maths we have continued our topic on place value by consolidating our learning on hundreds, tens and ones. Today we looked at 1, 10 and 100 more or less of a given number. We continued to use manipulatives to help us. 


In English this week we have innovated our model text, adding our own fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and ensuring it is in past tense. 


In Science this week we investigated what different animals eat and what would happen if they ate the wrong diet. We then grouped animals based on the food they eat and designed a dinner plate for an animal of their choice. 


In Geography, we looked at the three main types of settlement (village, town and city) in the UK. They were then able to group pictures into each category. 


For DT, we introduced different climates and the food that grows in it. We used atlases to explore which countries certain fruit and vegetables come from.


Today children completed their baseline assessment for Accelerated Reader and next week they will be bringing home books from their individual reading range. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

Autumn 1- Week 1


What an amazing first week back Year 3 have had. We have been incredibly proud of how quickly they have settled into their new classes and routines. The children have shown great resilience and commitment to their learning even in this late summer heatwave. It has been lovely to see them making new friendships and getting to know the teaching staff around the school. 


In Maths we have been looking at place value. The children have been recapping on tens and ones in a given number as well as learning to partition 2 digit numbers. They have used dienes and place value charts to support with their learning. 


In English we have started our new topic of writing diary entries by looking at features of diaries and comparing different examples. We have have used role play to help us create descriptive paragraphs on visiting London for the first time. This included things we can see, hear, touch and feel. 


In Science we introduced our new topic of 'what are the differences between Chipmunks, Meerkats and humans'. We came up with questions that we want to investigate throughout the term. In Geography we have been looking at the United Kingdom and what makes it so special. Using atlases we located the four countries and capital cities that make up the UK.  


We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the last of the sun. 


 Mrs Farid and Miss Wallace

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