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Learning to Succeed, Succeeding to Learn

Our learning in Koala class

Friday 20th May


This week in Koala class we learnt about key events that happened in the Queens reign so far, particularly the 60s and 70s, in preparation for the Queen's Jubilee. To showcase our learning we did diary entries imagining we were at the events and how we felt (for example decimal day or Silver Jubilee). 


In Science, we made our own musical instruments and discussed how we could alter the pitch on each instrument. 


In History, we researched what life was like during Ancient Greece and compared this to modern life. 


In English we have been continuing our learning on suspense stories particularly looking at word choices to build suspense.


In Maths we have been continuing our topic of time looking at analogue and digital clocks.

Friday 13th May


In English this week we finished learning about discussion texts and wrote our own discussions as part of our hot writes. Towards the end of the week we have started to learn about suspense stories.


In Maths this week we finished our topic on money and have just started our topic on time. We started looking at hours, minutes and seconds.


In Science we learnt about how sound travelled and investigated this by using tuning forks and placing them in water. We were able to see the sound waves forming in the water from the vibrations of the tuning fork. We also looked at different instruments and what the sound source for each one was. 


In Art we designed our own musical instruments that we will be making next week. 


In History we learnt about some famous Greek thinkers for example Pythagoras and how their work has influenced modern life.


Friday 6th May


This week in Koala class we have been continuing our learning on discussion texts. We have learnt about generalisers and relative pronouns. The class also enjoyed going around the room asking each other questions to be able to turn them into facts to use in our writing.


In Maths we have been learning about money particularly at estimating amounts and ordering amounts of money.


In History we learnt about what soldiers wore in Ancient Greece and looked at primary and secondary sources to understand how we know what soldiers wore and why. We then drew our own soldiers to showcase our learning.


In Religious Education we have started learning about Judaism and what different symbols mean.

Friday 29th April 



This week in Koala class we have been learning all about discussion texts. We have been writing introductions and conclusions and I have included some great examples below.


In Maths we have just finished our topic of decimals and will be moving on to Money on Tuesday.


In History, we briefly looked at key historical events during the Ancient Greece period and were able to place dates these on a timeline.


In Science, we have been learning about sound and how it travels. We went outside in the playground to identify what different sounds we could hear and then placed the results in a table.

Friday 22nd April


In Maths, Koala class have been doing some more learning on decimals. We have looked at comparing decimals and making a whole. In English, we finished our topic of ‘wishing tales’ and showcased everything we have learnt through some amazing and creative ‘hot writes’. We have started our new topic of writing a discussion text. In Science, we have started our new topic – sound. In computing, we have started to look at search engines (for example google) and where to find important information, such as the weather forecast or the time around the world. We then compared one search engine to another (for example Bing) to investigate whether it was easier or harder to find the same information.

Friday 25th March


In Maths this week we have started our new topic on area. We have learnt what the definition of area is and how to work out the area of different rectilinear shapes. We have also drawn our own rectilinear shapes. 


In English we have been continuing with our wishing tale, focusing on revising fronted adverbials of time and how, subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, correctly punctuating dialogue and apostrophes. 


In Science we investigated how long it takes for different types of chocolate to melt. We found that white chocolate takes the shortest amount of time to melt. 

Friday 18th March


We have had a very busy week in Koala class. This week was 'Science Week' and some of the class prepared posters and presentations about famous scientists. I was really impressed with the level of effort that went into the posters and presentations. Linking to our current Science topic of states of matter, we did two experiments. First, we tested how long ice would take to melt and for the second experiment, we made butter from shaking cream! 


In Maths, we have been continuing to learn about decimals looking particularly at hundredths. In English we have started our new topic of 'A Wishing Tale'. In Geography, we learnt all about Fairtrade and the impact it has on farmers growing certain produce. We also started our first week of Swimming on Tuesday.


As many of you are aware, on Wednesday we all wore blue or yellow to show support for Ukraine. We also made some messages of support for Ukraine. 

Friday 11th March


This week in Maths we started our new topic of decimals. We have learnt about converting the fractions of tenths into decimals and looking at decimals on a number line. In Geography we learnt all about what goods are imported and exported into the UK and that the most traded beverage in the world is coffee! In English we have been innovating our model text, creating our own hybrid fruits. Koala class have worked really hard on adding lots of adjectives to help describe their hybrid fruits and even adding parentheses to include extra information. In RSHE we have been learning more about friendship groups and what roles people take in them (for example a leader or follower) and what the impact of this might be. For Science, we have been looking at how the particles of solids, liquids and gas behave. To do this, we used Cheerios to model how the different particles behaved, for example solid particles touch each other and can only vibrate.

Friday 4th March


On Thursday it was World Book Day. We had some fantastic outfits and did a catwalk with Year 3. This week we finished our Maths topic on fractions and will now be moving on to decimals. In Science we have started a new topic on States of Matter.

Friday 25th February


This week Koala class have been working really hard on their fractions using different ways of working out a fraction of numbers to see what way works best for them. In RE this week we have been learning about Jesus and why he is important to Christians. In Geography, we started looking at 'international trade' and some means of transport used in trading. We also looked at lots of different food and hypothesized where in the world they were grown. In English this week we have started learning about information texts. On Thursday's lesson we came up with our own hybrid fruits and wrote some amazing introductions describing these fruits, using the 5W's.

Friday 11th February


We have had an extremely exciting week in Koala class.


As some of you may know we erupted our volcanoes on Wednesday. We loved watching our volcanoes erupt and thought you would like to see them too. 


In English and Science this week we have been learning about why bees are important and we created a spread in our Science books about this. 


On Tuesday it was 'safer internet day'. We learnt all about how to be safer online and worked in groups to look through scenario cards and explain what we would do. 



Friday 4th February


This week in Science we looked at classifying leaves. We found leaves from around the school and made a classification key to identify the different types found. We used magnifying glasses to see small details on the plants and to examine whether a leave had a ‘main vent’ or not.


On Wednesday, we worked in groups to make Paper Mache volcanoes. Different techniques were used to create the finished product. Scrunching the newspaper to create the shape and then tearing strips to place neatly over the top proved an effective way of making the volcanoes.


We will be doing more work with our volcanoes next week, so keep a look out on the website to see the results.

Friday 28th January


This week in Science we have been learning about the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates using a classification key to help. In geography we learnt about the different layers of the Earth and labelled the Earth’s plates. In RE this week we have learnt about where a Sikh worships and the features of a Gurdwara. In maths we have started our new topic of fractions. We used concrete and pictorial resources to help work out different fractions.



I hope you all have a restful weekend. 

Friday 21st January


This week in Geography Koala class learnt about different types of mountains and how they are formed. We learnt some fun actions to help us remember the differences between each type. 


In English we have continued to work on our persuasive writing. Koala class came up with some fantastic examples on how to 'undermine the opposing view'. Whether it was debating which was animal was the best pet or what football player was the best, they all came up with great facts to undermine the opposing views.

Friday 14th January


This week Koala class have been learning about persuasive writing. They came up with some excellent pieces of work showcasing alliteration and rhetorical questions. 


Below are some examples.

This week in Science we also did a practical where we classified biscuits.