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Word bags

In addition to home learning and reading diaries your child will have a word bag with all of the sounds that we have learnt in class so far.

The letters and words in the bags are for you to keep, you do not need to return them, you can stick them up around the house, get them out at the dinner table…in the bath…wherever you want to. The idea is to just keep showing them and going over the sound so that they can fluently recall each of the sounds to help with blending and reading. When you know that your child knows the sound, you can start using the sound alongside other sounds that they know to create words i.e CAT. Unless you have been sent home longer words in your home learning, please keep to 3 sounds to start off with.


The Ruth Miskin website has parent videos, listening to these will enable you to hear how we are teaching the sound. It is really important we are concentrating on the sound of the letter rather than the name of the letter.



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