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What would we tell Mumble if he Visted the UK

The UK is a wonderful country in our world. Imagine for one minute, if you can, that Mumble, a brave, curious and friendly dancing penguin travelled to the UK for his world tour.  What would you show him? Where would you take him? Where would you start? How would you explain our country? What would a penguin write in letters back home to friends and family? As we progress on this learning journey, they will discover the joys and challenges of being a tour guide for Mumble and his ‘happy feet!’

Week 1


In English we have been learning about noun phrases. We went on a scavenger hunt and worked as a team to find natural objects (treasure)  in our playground. We then wrote some sentences using our phonic knowledge about the treasure that we found in the playground. We also challenged ourselves to add adjectives in our writing, to describe our exciting finds. 

In Maths we have been practising our addition skills. We have been learning about number bonds to 20 and we have been looking at how we can put our numbers in any order and we will still find the same answer! In Science we learned about night and day. We learned about how the Earth spins and how the sun and the moon give us night time and day time. We have also been learning about hibernation and which animals might hibernate.

In geography, we looked at a map of the world. We looked at the 7 continents and which continent the UK was apart of. We looked at a map of the UK and the 4 countries within it (Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.


Week 2

We have been looking at seasonal changes. We designed and made a tree display showing all four seasons. We researched into Isamard Kingdom Brunel. Finally we learnt about the Capitial cities we have in the UK and the four seas that surround it.

Our notes on Brunel


Born in 1806.

When he was born there was no tv.

He was an engineer (how to build things).

As a child he drew circles.

He wanted to get things right.

He did things over and over.

His dad taught him at the age of 4.

He was the chief engineer of the great western railway.

It was the first passenger train.

Train went from the capital city of England to Bristol (100 miles away).

Train journey wanted to last 4 hours.

He decided the track had to be straight.

He would keep his lunch in his top hat.

People were scared of the trains. They thought they would be sick. Isambard was worried as train would be useless without people.

They used to travel by horse.

People did use the train.

5040 people helped dig the tunnel at Box hill.

He then had a bigger dream making a steam ship taking people from Bristol to New York.