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Chennestone Primary School

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Reading diaries

  • Reading books will be changed with an adult every Wednesday and Friday.
  • Every child will receive a read with me book (until they begin reading themselves). These books are for you to read to them, and them to make comments on. (Please do not try and jump ahead. We will send harder books when we have assessed each child).
  • Every child will receive a word-free book (until they start reading themselves). Please go through these books together and talk about what you can see. There are some directions in the front of each of these books.

Please read with your child daily. If you chose another book from home instead of the books sent, please write this down too.

Reading time should be about time spent together, and encouraging a love for reading. Unless you have been sent a blending book or formal reading book, please encourage your child to look at the pictures, talk about what they can see and encourage conversation.

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