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Learning to Succeed, Succeeding to Learn

Autumn learning

Autumn 1 Week 1


What a fantastic first week back! The children have settled into new routines and have shown how mature they are. We have had a good week of learning and we are very much looking forward to what lies ahead!


Our Big Question this half term is ' What is the difference between a Meerkat, Chipmunk and Human.' This is a science based unit where we will look at habitats, nutrition, diet, with a focus on how our bones work, comparing our bodies with animals. We have spent some time deciding what we'd like to explore as a year group, as well as what we already know.


As part of a whole school focus on anti - bullying,  this week,  during our English lessons we have focused on the short film ' For the Birds' we have thoroughly enjoyed watching it. It contains  both humour and a strong message that the  children have explored through drama and role play. Next week we plan on writing a persuasive letter to one of the characters.


In Maths we have started our place value unit, using base ten and number - lines to help with our understanding. We have been incredibly impressed with how the children are taking great care over their presentation and look forward to be able to showcase this.


I think the biggest hit of the week was introducing Lexia, our online reading programme.  We are getting much quicker at logging on - perhaps something they might like to practise at home!


I hope that they have enjoyed the first week as much as we have. As ever don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. 


We hope you have a restful weekend.

The Year 3 Team.

Autumn 1 - Week 2


The children were very excited to start their 10 week Ukulele course this week! We are very lucky to have an external music teacher to come in and teach us and we look forward to showcasing this at some point!


During Maths lessons we continued with our unit on Place Value - focussing on numbers up to 1000. We have used a variety of methods,  partitioning numbers and understanding the value of each digit in a number. We have used a range of practical resources to support understanding.


English this week has culminated in the children writing a persuasive letter to the little birds, persuading them to stop bullying Big Bird! We have been very impressed with the persuasive language used and how the children presented their letter. 


Science this week has focused on the diet of both animals and humans and what both need to survive. We looked at various foods and the children answered questions such as 'what would happen if a lion only ate lettuce'. As part of our learning next week we have asked the children to fill out a food diary. This will form the basis of our Science lesson so we would be grateful if these are completed by Wednesday.

The Year 3 Team

Autumn 1 - Week 3


Well what a fantastic week of learning we have had! We have started our new English unit based on the book ' The Incredible Book Eating Boy' By Oliver Jeffers. What fabulous ideas the children have shared, they have described how their favourite books might taste, using some excellent vocabulary. We very much look forward to continuing this learning journey.


In Maths we continue to look at place value, exploring 1 more, 10 more and  100 more than a number then moved on to 1, 10 and 100 less than a given number. We have used counters and base ten to help when the abstract has been challenging.


During science lessons this week we have focused on the human diet, what is a good balance and what we might do to improve what we eat. It was brilliant to see how many of the children remembered to fill out their food diary and then use this information to create a bar chart. We then discovered how some drinks might contain more sugar than we first predicted.


Ukulele  was a big hit again - what a joyful sight to see all the children engaged and excited to be involved in learning a new skill!


We hope you have a lovely weekend.


The Year 3 Team