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Hawk Class

Autumn 2: Week 5


Dear Parents/Carers,


Firstly we would like to thank you all for your continuous support. Your children have all been working ever so hard in all areas of the curriculum. 


As we head towards the end of term, we will be finishing of fractions in Maths and we are nearing the end of writing our newspaper report. 


In Reading, we are reading a range of texts so that pupils are exposed to different types of texts to help with their comprehension. 


Thank you.


Kind regards,


Year 6 Team

Autumn 2: Week 4


Dear Parents/Carers,


thank you you all for attending parents evening. It was delightful to meet you all and inform you how well each child is doing.


It is nice to see just how much progress they are making.


Hawk class assembly will be coming up soon - the children have been practicing really hard! 

Autumn 2: Week 1 & 2:


Welcome back to all the children. It has been amazing to see all the children back at school, hitting the ground running. 


The children have continued learning about fractions and are using their multiplication skills to help them. In Writing, the children have begun reading Narnia - which they are thoroughly enjoying! 


We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Thank you.


Year 6 Team




Isle of Wight Trip 2024

Curriculum Meeting

Autumn 1:

Week 1:

Dear Parents/Carers.

Welcome back! It was so refreshing and nice to welcome you all back to school. All children have settled in so well and have been excited and eager to learn.

In Maths, we have started place value and the children have used their prior knowledge from previous years to help them. In Writing, we are using Alice in Wonderland as our focus text to help us create our own story.

We wish you all a nice restful weekend.

Thank you.

Year 6 Team.

Autumn 2: Week 2:


Dear Parents/Carers,


The week has really flown by! The children have been putting in an incredible amount of effort, despite the humid conditions. They've settled in splendidly and are absolutely brimming with enthusiasm for learning. 


This week, we conducted some baseline assessments to pinpoint any areas of weakness. I must commend the children for their unwavering dedication and hard work.


In Art, the children enjoyed painting and making their own designs. In Geography, the children enjoyed making a double-page spread of research about the different oceans - they were all informative and eye-catching! 


Well done to you all for yet another successful week.


We wish you all a nice restful weekend break and look forward to welcoming you back on Monday.


Thank you.


Year 6 Team.

Autumn 1: Week 3


Well done to all the children for another hard-working week!


The children are working so well in all areas of the curriculum and are beginning to get use to the expectations of a Year 6 pupil.


In Writing, the children continue to learn about Alice in Wonderland are beginning to write their own version.


In Maths, the children are beginning to learn about negative numbers. 


We wish you all a nice restful weekend break and welcome you back on Monday.


Thank you.


Year 6 Team

Autumn 1: Week 4


Dear Parents/Carers,


A massive well done to all the children for the effort and hard work they are putting in.


In Maths, we have begun the topic of addition and subtraction and the children have been using their prior knowledge and strategies to help them answer the questions. As we approach the division and multiplication it is important that each child continues to work on their times tables.


In Writing, the children have published their final piece of work and we will now begin our next unit looking at Information Reports.


In Reading we continue to look at a range of different texts exploring the language and answering the questions.


We hope you all have a lovely restful weekend and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday.


Thank you.


Year 6 Team



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