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Who are our real life Superheroes?

The BIG Question: Who are our real life superheroes?

We all know about the famous superheroes with special powers! We also know that some superheroes do not wear capes but uniforms like doctors, nurses, firemen. However, our history in the UK is full of heroes that made a difference on how we lived today. This term we will be studying great heroes of our past: Grace Darling was a true inspiration and we will find out the true significance of this event on lifeboat crews today.  We will also learn about Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davidson, women who change the world for us today.

Week 1

It has been a great week back for Seahorses class! This week we have been introducing turns, linking back to our previous learning of quarters and halves. In English our new text is based on Oliver Jeffers - Lost and Found. The class have been using their adjective skills to label some lost toys and mapping out our story. Seahorses particularly have enjoyed pretending to be news reporters and retelling the story. See photos of this below!.  

In history we started to learn about Grace Darling and why she is considered a "Real life Superhero!". 

We complete our Phonics Screening!!

Week 2

We have enjoyed the sunny weather even though it has been hot!

In English, we finished reading 'Lost and Found'. We found some 'lost toys' and created labels for the toys. We sequenced the story using pictures and wrote some super sentences for each picture. We then used drama to act out the story of Lost and Found.

In maths, we finished our unit on position and direction. We learned our left from our right and learned how to give directions.

In computing, we used the laptops and learned about spreadsheets. Seahorses learned that we use spreadsheets to store information. We learned about columns and rows and inputted information into the spreadsheet.

In geography, we recapped our learning of the UK. We learned about the seas surronding the UK. We used maps and atlases to help us to name the seas surronding the UK.

In history, we have continued learning about Grace Darling. We are really enjoying our learning so far this term and we are excited to learn more.

Week 3