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Can you huff and puff and blow a house down?

Week 1

What an amazing week we have had back at school! 

The children have settled back into school quickly, remembering old routines and picking up some new changes too! 

This week, we have started our new big question 'Can you huff and puff at blow everything down?'.

In English, we started our new 'Write Stuff' unit and we started looking at the day 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. We began to look at persuasive letters and matching the shapes of a letter to our model text.

In Maths, we started looking at addition within 20. We looked at counting on from a given number instead of starting from 0.

In science, we started looking at materials. We identified different materials which are used to make or build objects. We then went on a hunt for objects outside and in our classroom to try and group the different materials.

In geography, we continued to look at maps. We have started looking at our local area of Sunbury. We identified some physical and human features on an aerial map of Sunbury.

In ICT, we looked at online safety and reminding ourselves how we can be safe online.

Lots of Seahorses have discussed how they will be watching firework displays this weekend and I hope everybody enjoys the fireworks and please be safe!

I am also looking forwards to meeting some of you next week for parents evening.

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.

Week 2

What a busy week we had in Seahorses! It was so lovely to get the opportunity to sit and chat with you adults in our parent meetings.

We have continued looking at letters in English. We have started to write an apology letter to our class markers trying to persuade them to come back to class after how we have mistreated them.

In maths, we have just finished addition and we have just started looking at subtraction. We know when we are subtracting numbers they are going to get smaller.

In science, we looked at comparing and grouping together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple properties. We did this by sorting the materials into hula hoops based on their properties.

In PSHE, we have looked at differences and similarities between us and our friends. We have had some fantastic circle time discussing how we are the same and how we are different.

We also discussed and made some poppies for Remembrance Day!


Have a lovely weekend everybody and see you all on Monday :)  

Week 3

In maths, we started learning about subtraction and taking away one number from another number. We used manipulatives to help us with 'taking away' as well as whole part models and ten frames.

In English, we continued sentence stacking for our persuasive letter using our class text 'The Day the Crayon Quits'. We wrote some super sentences to our class felt tip pens trying to persuade them to come back to class!

In computing, we looked at grouping and organising different objects. We did this physically using objects in our classroom. We then used the chromebooks and did a sorting activity on Purplemash as part of our computing lesson.

In DT, we started looking at windmills. We looked at designing purposeful and functional windmills. We generated and communicated our design ideas before designing our windmills using a windmill template.

This week across Chennestone, we have been discussing Anti-Bullying Week. This years theme and message was 'Reach Out'. We discussed how we can reach out and who we can reach out to. We discovered that we can reach out in many ways, by noticing bullying, talking, supporting, checking in and respecting other.

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