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Spring Learning

Book Week 4.3.22

This week we enjoyed dressing up as a favourite book character and making our own unique bookmarks.

In science, we learnt about friction and how to collect results in an accurate and reliable way. We also discussed anomalies in data and how we could identify them in our own results. 

In our history lesson this week we discussed and compared sources detailing reasons about why The Mary Rose sank and which theory they agreed with most - human error, the weather, the French and being overloaded.  

Hampton Court Recounts

We really enjoyed our history trip to Hampton Court last week. On returning to school, we discussed what we had learnt and our favourite parts of the palace. The children wrote a detailed recount explaining what they had experienced and enjoyed.

Week 14.1.22

In our history lessons this week we have started to explore where the Tudor period fits in to our world history timeline. 

On Wednesday we made a 'Potty' timeline using toilet roll to represent the decades, centuries and millenniums. The children sequenced relevant topics covered in other year groups i.e. The Stone Age and Ancient Egypt and compared their duration to that of the Tudors. 


On Friday, we sequenced the key events and discussed the reigns of Kings and Queens during the Tudor period. The children enjoyed creating their own Tudor timelines. 

Tudor Portraits

This week we have continued to learn about Tudor portraits. In the Tudor period portraits were very popular amongst the noble families. Having your portrait painted was a sign of nobility and wealth. The children used half of a portrait and sketched the other side. They then created their own Tudor masterpiece.

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