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Snow Day at School

Year 5 Trip to Alice Holt

Year 5 started their topic, Saxons, with a visit to Alice Holt. A fantastic Forestry Commission site near Farnham. The children had the chance to examine artefacts, learn about how children in Saxons times helped keep rats away from the crops and also built their own willow weaved fences. A great day was had by all.

Ashford Hockey Club Schools Tournament

On Tuesday the hockey clubs first tournament took place. Having only had two sessions at the hockey club, the team were apprehensive about their prospects in a competition that Chennestone won last year. The tournament had 14 teams taking part, split into 3 groups. The winner of each group would be in the semi- finals with the best runner up from all the groups joining them.

Chennestone started the tournament with a victory over Spelthorne School before battling valiantly against Holy Family A to a 1-0 loss. In our third match we played St Ann's Heath and were victorious 2-0. Our final group game was against Buckland who took an early lead before Chennestone fought back to win the game 2-1. It was a fabulous performance from the whole squad and we had exceeded our expectations by only losing one game. However that was not the end of it as we had done well enough to qualify for the semi-finals as the best runner up. The semi- final was against Laleham and Chennestone again rose to the occasion playing some amazing hockey and winning 2-0, resulting in qualifying for the final against Holy Family A. However the final did prove to be one game to far for the team who fell to a very good Holy Family team. Finishing second was a great effort and it was great to find out that Chennestone had qualified to the Surrey Finals day as the highest placed team from Spelthorne at the tournament.

I'd like to thank Mr Rowe and Suzie Lambert for giving up their time in support of the team and a special mention for the team Coach, Sam C, who is a former Chennestone school pupil, whose dedicated preparation allowed the pupils to be so successful.

London Irish Year 3 & 4 Spelthorne Schools Tag Rugby

It was with great excitement that the pupils from Chennestone headed to London Irish's Haslemere Training ground to take part in the Spelthorne Schools Year 3 & 4 TAG rugby Tournament. With the Rugby club having proved so popular before half term, it was great to be able to enter two teams, allowing all the pupils to take part. Both teams had three pool games to play followed by one more game depending on where they finished in their pool. Chennestone A played matches against Kenyngton Manor, Buckland and Ashford Park in their pool before playing Stanwell Fields in their final match. Chennestone B played matches against Our Lady of the Rosary, St.Michael’s and Stanwell Fields. Chennestone B remained undefeated in their pool games and went on to contest the final against the top team from the other pool, Kenyngton Manor. In a close game, with both teams playing some really good TAG rugby, Chennestone snatched the lead in the last few seconds of the game. There was just enough time for Kenyngton Manor to mount another attack to force the game into extra time, but the Chennestone defence stood strong and eventually forced Kenyngton Manor into an error and in turn crowing Chennestone the Spelthorne Champions for 2014.

Year 1 Trip to Tesco

To conclude our trips the last remaining groups travelled to Tesco to take part in their ‘Farm to Fork’ learning. Overall the
children had a wonderful time and feel that they have learnt lots about where food comes from and how it is made.

"I liked going in the Freezer because it was freezing cold!" - Billy
"My favourite part was the freezer because I was hot and it was so cold!" - Charlie
" I made bread and it was awesome!" - Bradley
" I loved everything at Tescos"- Alice and Zoe
" I liked tasting the cheese, Edam was my favourite" - Elle
"The bread I made was yummy" - Avie
" The fruit was very juicy and colourful" - Amira
" I liked going where the staff work" - Sophia
"I loved the rainbow game in the fruit and vegetable area, it was fun to look at all the different colours. We got to try some cheese, it was really yummy!" - Mathieu H
"It was really fun when we made bread! We got so messy!!" - James D
"The best bit was making the bread into different shapes! We got to eat it at home and that was lots of fun!" - Zahra B
"The best bit was when we got to go in the freezer because it was really cold! We also got to look for ice cream in there!" - Megan W

Year 6 Egyptian Exhibition

Arts Week

It was fantastic to see so many parents and carers coming into our school on Thursday to see the amazing Arts Week outcomes. The children were clearly excited and proud to show their contributions to their class or Year Group’s creations as they worked so hard during the week. Parents were extremely positive, and many surprised to see the new skills their children have learned, as the quality was so impressive. Each outcome has been planned and designed to be in a particular area of Chennestone, as each piece represents an aspect of the school environment. They will therefore stay in and around the school, and as each outcome is of such high-quality, the children have managed to create art pieces that will last for years.

Year 6 design and creation of video games

Last term Year 6 designed and created their own video games using the free website SCRATCH.

Scratch Studio - Chennestone School

You can see and play the game they made here at

Year 1 Trip to Bocketts Farm

On Wednesday Year 1 visited Bocketts Farm as part of our topic on Farming. The children were so excited as soon as they arrived at school as for many it was their first trip on a school coach!

When we arrived at the farm we were met by one of the staff who gave us a safety talk and then led us to our first activity which was the barn. We saw pigs, goat, alpacas and sheep, we even got to stroke a baby lamb. We then were taken on a tractor ride. We got to see how big the farm was by looking at all of the fields and we saw the different working animals. We were then led to the animal handling area were we got to hold guinea pigs, rabbits and stroked a pigmy goat. We also saw a goat being milked and found out that its milk sometimes helps newborn lambs.

After lunch we saw pig racing! We then had an opportunity to explore the farm with our groups and we saw other working animals such as horses. It was a fantastic day out enjoyed by all the children and helpers.

"My best bit was the tractor ride and the pig racing"- Hamza
"I loved every part of it" -Charlie

Year 5 Water Aid Exhibition

This term both Year 5 classes participated in enterprise projects linked to learning about Water. Lessons in school modeled and scaffolded the tasks and skills for the children and supported them to collaborate well and be part of a team. The children researched charities across the world linked to different aspects of providing water aid and planned and carried out events to raise money for their chosen charity.

On Wednesday after school they showcased their activities and learning in an amazing exhibition for parents. There were a wide variety of events including a games afternoon for 60 people, a joke competition, sponsored walks, runs and cycle rides, car washing, a celebrity cook book and a selection of cake sales. The events took place in varied locations e.g. the cake sale outside the post office.

The children were asked to be as independent as possible but were well supported by parents and family where this was needed for practical purposes and expertise. This support enabled the children to achieve higher quality outcomes and really challenge themselves. The children showed themselves to be enterprising and creative and their enthusiasm and pride in their projects was evident in talking about their events at the exhibition. The enterprise project enabled the children to develop and apply a wide range of skills in a relevant, real and purposeful context.

This was an excellent topic for extending the children's learning and a good example of the kind of learning we want the children to experience at Chennestone - learning that motivates children achieve more than they thought they could do, learning with depth and relevance, learning which enables the children to take responsibility for their own learning and enables the development of personal learning and thinking skills.

Book Week

The theme of this year's Book Week has been Storytelling and looking at stereotypes. Each class has learned the skills for storytelling to an audience and have really enjoyed performing and watching others!

Each day the children have waited in anticipation to find out which teacher will be coming into their class to perform a story. This has been great for the children as they have had the chance to be entertained but also watch different teachers who do storytelling with a variety of styles and techniques.

Wednesday - Our traditional visit from storyteller Winston was another hit with the children as they eagerly waited to hear his amazing storytelling. Winston is originally from Jamaica and brings fantastic stories to the children, often with messages and cultural traditions in the stories. The children have favourite stories from over the years and had a chance to request these again. Winston combined music and singing into his storytelling in which the children joined in with, as well as allowing some the opportunity to play an instrument. Years 5 and 6 prepared questions for Winston to find out what inspires his ideas for storytelling and how he became such a confident and engaging storyteller. This really helped the children learn about their own storytelling and has inspired them to perform.

Thursday - The children were treated to a storytelling performance from each year group on Thursday when selected children from each class took to the stage to entertain a whole school audience! The quality of storytelling was extraordinary from all year groups and the audience was fully engaged for over an hour! The week proved to be extremely successful as the children who performed, some individuals and some groups, show-cased their storytelling skills that they had learned over the week. Many stories challenged the idea of 'stereotypes' which made excellent story ideas and interesting characters.

Friday - As tradition, the children came to school dressed as a book character of their choice. As usual, the effort was fantastic and the children were so excited to see each other's outfits and their teacher's. Each class had fun walking down the catwalk in the hall and each idea and design was celebrated in style! Dressing up really demonstrates the varied interest the children have in books and shows just how important characters are at bringing stories to life.

Junior Citizenship

On Thursday 19th September, year 6 went to the British Airways Learning Centre for the Spelthorne Junior Citizenship event. We learnt all sorts of life skills from fire and water safety to how to put someone in the recovery position.

Sports Day

Thank you to Mrs Medhurst for organising our Sports Day and for all the PTA parents who helped, provided refreshments, and to everyone who came to support and join in. The weather was fantastic and a huge number of parents were able to attend. Kempton were KS2 winners in the morning and Manor were KS1 / EYFS winners in the afternoon.

Art Exhibition

Chennestone were delighted to accept Father Paul's invitation to visit the Chaim Stephenson Exhibition, which was held at St. Mary's Church on Tuesday, as part of our Art Week preparation. Chaim, an acclaimed British artist, whose works include a sculpture at St. Martins In The Fields Church and Trafalgar Square, London, creates beautiful and moving works of art centred around biblical stories and occasionally drawing attention to current worldwide conflicts. Pupils who visited the exhibition were moved by the effect the sculptures created and the wonderful atmosphere created by the setting. Pupils chose to explore and sketch some of the works and discussed their meaning with their teachers and Father Paul.


The Playpod opened on Tuesday, the sun was out, no sign of rain and it was warm and not too windy. The perfect first day to play with the scrap. The playpod contains a range of scrap materials including tyres, plastic tubs, nets, ropes, foam, guttering, tubes, foam, material, dressing up clothes and props. The children collected bits and pieces from the hut and then took it away to a location of their choice to create and construct. Lots of groups built camps, one group create a nail bar, some set up rope swings on the gazebo, some used the scrap to make musical instruments. Lots of children dressed up, developed characters and acted out stories. The children’s creativity, imagination and collaboration was impressive. There is now increased choice for children at lunchtimes. They can use the sports area, the arts corner, the music stage, the Playpod, the small world play sandpits, play on the field, join the TA organised game and use the indoor games room.

Year 5 Weald & Downland Museum Trip

As part of the year five topic studying the Victorians  the pupils visited the Weald & Downland museum. A fantastic place organised as if it were a real Victorian village. The children had the opportunity to experience a real Victorian classroom, as well as carry out some of the chores expected of Victorian children and cook some Victorian drop scones. It was a fabulous trip involving lots of learning to be taken back  to school.

Year 1 Pizza Making

As the culmination of year 1's topic this term, the pupils designed and made their own pizzas to serve in their own restaurant  Business was brisk with many customers and lots of wonderful comments, some parents even chose to pay for their pizzas! The money raised is going to replenish the children's 'busy' time equipment.

Green Team goes to the tip!

On Monday this week, some of the Green Team children visited the Charlton Lane recycling site to learn about what items can be taken and what then happens to them. The Manager of the site showed us around and even gave us access to one of the secure behind the scenes areas! The trip was both informative and thought provoking. Here are some of the things that we learned:

• Electronic goods have their cables removed to prevent other residents taking them as the electrical safety of the items cannot be guaranteed.
• On average a thousand cars bring recycling to the site every day – on a Bank Holiday, this goes up to two thousand!
• Every two hours, Surrey creates enough waste to fill the Royal Albert Hall.
• 60 plastic milk cartons can make one fleece to keep you warm.
• Asbestos is the only thing which cannot be recycled but it must be taken to the centre for it to be disposed off safely.
• 38 different items can be recycled at the Charlton Lane site.
• Rubber from tyres is made into pellets to make soft play surfacing.
• Old cups and plates are crushed and used to make new roads.
• Three workmen spend all day every day sorting out the cardboard – having to take out all the things that get put in that container that are not made of cardboard – we saw polystyrene, a teddy bear and an iron.

Although it is good that we are recycling, we must try to reduce the amount products we use! We hope that you find these facts useful.

From Mia F, Rohan, Tommy G, Ben, Anna and Maisy

Year 5 Design & Technology Project

London Irish Trip

As part of our topic work looking into what the impact of the new London Irish training facilities will have on Sunbury, Year 6 went to The Stoop stadium to see the sorts of facilities a premiership rugby club need. We had a fascinating ‘behind the scenes’ tour and were able to walk down ‘the tunnel’ and see the trophy and changing rooms. We were also able to ask the stadium managers lots of questions from information about facilities to how they deal with crowds on match days.

Year 6 Arts & Crafts

Year 6 are making slippers this term - here are some photos of the process - come back later on to see the finished article!