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Summer 2

Week 1


Year 1 have had a fantastic week getting back into their routines!


In English they started their new unit of learning based on the book 'The Queen's hat'. The children completed their cold write where they wrote a narrative about the Queen's hat and tried to use preposition, verbs and words ending with the suffix 'ed' in their writing. They also learnt the model text through drawing a story map and creating actions. 


In maths the children began their new using on place value within 100. They really impressed us with their counting skills from 50-100! They used their previous knowledge of partitioning to partition numbers up to 100 into tens and ones and used number lines to help them count 1 more and 1 less. 


In Science, the children learnt about the five senses (sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing). They matched these five senses to the body parts that are associated with them and completed a sorting activity!


In history the children started to learn about Queen Elizabeth II. They began to understand the concept of a monarch and completed a hot seating activity to help them think about how Queen Elizabeth may have felt when becoming the Queen. 


Have a lovely weekend, we look forward to seeing some of you at the summer fair! 

Week 2


Another fantastic week put down in year 1!


In English, we continued our unit on 'The Queens Hat', we innovated our story to 'The Queens Scarf'. We looked at changing nouns, verbs and adjectives. In math's, we continued looking at place value. We began to compare numbers between 50 -100. We looked at using vocabulary such as greater, less than and equal to.


In science, we went on a scavenger hunt and used our senses to find a variety of items in the playground. We recorded or findings in our book. In history, we continued to look at Queen Elizabeth. We retold the life of the Queen Elizabeth II through ordering events on a timetable. In RSE, we discussed things about us that have changed and things about us that have stayed the same.


In art, we have continued using paper. Today we looked at folding and rolling paper to create these 3D shapes as well as carefully arranging the paper to make a 3D drawing. Our challenge in this lesson was to try and carefully over lap paper strips.


Have a great weekend!

Week 3


Year 1 have had another great week!


In English they have been busy planning their own version of the Queen's hat. They chose their own characters and setting and included great verbs and preposition! They worked really hard on these stories and we are very proud of them for the progress they have made.


In maths, the children have been learning about money. They started off by looking at and recognising different coins and notes. They then moved on to counting coins and comparing amounts. They also did a fantastic job in their maths Quiz this week!


In science, the children carried out an experiment to find out what senses they use when making popcorn. They predicted what senses they would use and then made popcorn to find out if their predictions were correct! They found out that they use all 5 senses and had a fantastic time eating the popcorn.


In our art lesson the children designed a 3D sculpture of a three. They then created their 3D sculpture by applying their skills they have learnt in previous art lessons. They folded and rolled strips of paper in various ways to create a table, zig-zag’s, spirals and loops.


In PE the children have been busy practicing for sports day next Friday! They have been doing an amazing job so far and we look forward to seeing you there.


Have a lovely weekend :-)


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