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Summer learning

Summer 2- Weeks 1 & 2


This half term we have started off our English with our poetry unit. We are focusing on shape poems around a particular theme. We have looked at features of a shape poem for example alliteration, rhyming, similes and personification. Children have come up with examples of each by using a picture stimulus. We were very impressed with the creative ideas that came up. Children have started planning their own shape poems and will be writing their hot writes next week.


In Maths we have continued with our Time topic by looking at working out duration using a number line. They have had to use their number bond knowledge as well as addition and subtraction to work out the answers. We have looked at converting analogue time to digital as well as looking at am and pm. Children have then used their knowledge they have learnt about time to solve problems.


In Science this half term we are building our scientific investigation skills by recapping previous learning from this year. In week 1 we carried out a water cycle experiment where children used sandwich bags and coloured water to see the different stages of the water cycle. This week we used starbursts to recap our knowledge on different types of rocks. The children were very engaged in this lesson and thoroughly enjoyed making different rock types with the sweets.


The children are extremely excited to be starting this half terms History topic on Ancient Egyptians. In week 1 we have discussed what we know and what we would like to learn about this amazing civilisation. Children have learnt about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and written a diary entry pretending to be the archaeologist Howard Carter.


In Guided Reading we have started our new class text Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl.  Children have had fun reading the adapted fairy tales and making their prediction of how they may be different. Throughout the week children have continued to work on their retrieval, inference and comparing skills. So far we have looked at Cinderella and Jack and the Bean stalk.

In Art as a cross-curricular activity children will be designing and creating their very own Ancient Egyptian scrolls. They have been tea staining their art books to resemble papyrus paper and filling their pages with Ancient Egyptian designs. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Wallace and Mrs Farid

Summer 1- Week 4


This week has been a short and warm week! Children were welcomed back after the bank holiday weekend with a new topic in maths. We have been looking at money and converting pound and pence. Children have used this knowledge to help add money. 


In English, we completed our unit on Play scripts by publishing our own. We have now started our new unit on persuasive letters. 


In Science, we have continued to learn about light. We were looking at how shadows are formed and measuring lengths of shadows. 


In Geography, we have explored rivers around the world and with their learning partners, children have selected one river from around the world to research for their fact file. 


In DT this week, we have been programmed our own microbit charms. Today, children were able to pair their device and see what their road safety charm would look like in real life. 


Enjoy the sun this weekend!


Miss Wallace and Mrs Farid


Summer 1 - Week 3 


This week Year 3 went on their residential trip to Sayers Croft. Children took part in lots of activities including blindfold trail, rock climbing, stream studies and orienteering. We had a campfire and a disco where everyone got involved. Despite the weather, children were all smiles and gave their all in all activities. 


For those that did not attend the residential, they took part in similar activities such as a bug hunt, creating a factfile about their favourite animal and natural artwork. They were also treated to some baking and a movie. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend!


Miss Wallace and Mrs Farid



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