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A Letter from 10 DOWNING STREET!


Following on from our rainforest topic last term, Freddie decided to send a persuasive letter to Boris Johnson outlining his learning and passion for climate change. We were amazed to receive a reply from Downing Street on Friday afternoon (see below). Well done Freddie!! 



Week 2


We have had a fantastic week of learning in Year 3. As part of our big Question 'Did the Stone Age end because the stones ran out?' we have explored the different time periods by creating a giant timeline, this really showed us just how long each period of history lasted for. In science we have continued to explore the three main types of rock and have classified and sorted these into their different categories by looking at their properties. Our budding artists have used charcoal, paint, twigs and their hands to create some really impressive cave art.


We hope you have a restful weekend.




Science - How do rocks form the foundations of earth?



Welcome back to a new term in Chipmunk class smiley


Our big question this term is:


Did the Stone Age end because the stones ran out?


We will explore the changes in Britain from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age with a focus on how mankind has changed over the years and the effect this has had. Our class story is 'The Wild Way Home', by Sophie Kirtley. We will also immerse ourselves in a range of non-fiction texts and continue to develop our Vipers skills during Guided Reading.


As scientists, our focus will be on geology - identifying, classifying, and grouping rocks that make up the foundations of the earth! This will also link to our prior learning in Year 2 about fossils.


This term, we hope to be virtually visited by a historian and our learning will culminate in an immersive Stone Age Day at the end of term!








On Tuesday, Phil Williams came to visit us in Year 3 and ran a workshop full of interesting stories, facts and exciting learning opportunities. The children in Chipmunk and Meerkat class continued to surprise Phil with their vast knowledge, insightful questions and mature attitude towards sustainability. 

We were lucky enough to hear first-hand stories from Phil who has been visiting the rainforests of our world for 20+ years. The children also got to experience some of his authentic tools, equipment and gifts brought back from the rainforest. 


Throughout the day, the children were hooked on Phil's every word and took pages of notes we will be using later on this term to create a double-page spread of our learning! Pictures of the day can be found below as well as Phil's website for those of you wanting to find out more!

Why Are Rainforests Important?


This half term we will be learning about the rainforests of the world, why they are important and the threats facing them. Our BIG question will heavily link to our geography, science, art/DT and English lessons, which we hope will encourage the children to think more about sustainability, waste and the future of our planet!


In Geography, we will locate the rainforest of the world, look for weather patterns around the equator and how these influence our climate. This learning will culminate with children producing their own weather report and heavily influence our class assembly.


In science, we will look at the 4 layers of the rainforest, the life cycle of plants and how they have adapted to survive. We will also explore a variety of rainforest animals (including humans) and how they have adapted to survive in the rainforest. 


Over the next few weeks, we hope to be visited by rainforest expert, Phil Williams, who will inspire our children to make a small change and do their bit to save planet earth. This learning will prove useful when we write persuasive letter to people in power, educating them about the threats to our rainforests and the impact our behaviour is having.


To bring our rainforest learning to a close, we will be designing and creating our very own rainforest dioramas out of recycled junk materials. Keep your eyes peeled for photos at the end of term!



Remembrance Day 2021


Welcome back to Chipmunk class!


Keep an eye on this page for exciting news and updates about our learning journey!


Mr. Beauchamp