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Summer 1 – Week 1


Welcome back year 4 hope you had a lovely Easter!

This week in Maths we have been focusing on decimals and how we can show tenths in decimal form using our knowledge of fractions to help us with this. We have placed decimals on a number line and have begun to divide 1 digit numbers by 10.


In English we have started our new unit ‘Aladdin and The Enchanted Lamp’ we have been using different styles of figurative language to make our writing more interesting and exciting for the reader.

We have also started looking at our new science topic ‘sound’ as well introducing our big question ‘Would you rather have lived in Athens or Sparta?’ which focus on history, the Ancient Greeks. This week we looked at a timeline so that children have an understanding of when the Ancient Greeks civilisation began.


Have a great weekend


The Year 4 Team

Summer 1- Week 2


What a busy but fun week we have had this week! This week children took part in a free style workshop where they were able to watch and try out different football tricks the workshop was taken by Jamie Knight who holds to Guinness world record and is currently ranked top 10 in the world for free style football.  Children also took part in a mini mile run which they thoroughly enjoyed and eagerly await to hear if they have broken the world record. We also had a special assembly with Irock who are a company that provide lessons on a number of different instruments. 


This week in Maths we have look at hundredths as fractions and decimals. We have been working on how to dive a two digit number by ten, we used our place value grids to help us visualise moving one digit to the right.


In writing we have been continuing with our unit ‘Aladdin and The Enchanted Lamp’ we have got to the part where Aladdin is trapped in the cave. We used ‘disgusting’ smells such as onion to help us think of adjectives to describe the smells Aladdin experienced in the cave.


Have a wonderful weekend.


The year 4 Team

Summer 1 - Week 3 


What a short but fun week we have had this week. On Friday children celebrated the King’s coronation by creating their own crown and making their own placements which they used for our whole school picnic. It was lovely to see Beauclerc join us too! We had a lovely afternoon (despite the weather) with music, singing and dancing!


In History we were lucky enough to borrow a variety of Ancient Greek artefacts from Chertsey Museum. Children worked in their table groups and had to work out what each artefact was, how it was used and what it was made out of. Each table then shared their ideas to the rest of the class. At the end of the lesson we revealed the answers to their questions some children were very surprised about what some of the artefacts were. We also linked some of the artefacts to modern day life as we still use some today.


In writing we completed our Aladdin unit. Children started to write their own story with a twist by setting our stories in modern day. Children have created some wonderful stories which we look forward to reading.


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.


The year 4 Team

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